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Data Coordinator Intern

  • Conduct kayak surveys at least twice a week to collect facial photographs of foraging sea turtles

  • Log & transfer all surveys & data collected into the data for analysis

  • Introduce, brief and lead volunteers on surveys and data analysis sessions. 


Volunteer Coordinator Intern

  • Coordinate and facilitate volunteers to engage in daily project activities

  • Provide a program introduction & training for volunteers

  • Educate and lead volunteers with conservation awareness campaigns, beach cleans and eco snorkel tours

  • Introduce the volunteers to the local communities & cultures


Marketing Intern

  • Designing and presenting new social media campaign ideas & brand kit

  • Collecting quantitative & qualitative data from marketing campaigns

  • Daily engagement with the potential stakeholders and clients through social media interaction

  • Assist in marketing & advertising promotional activities

Rocky Shore

Join us for this exciting experience

  • Jetty jumps

  • Scuba Diving

  • Free Diving

  • Snorkeling around the island

  • Hiking

  • Jungle Trekking

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Frisbee

  • Beach Football

  • Join Local Festivities

  • Spend an Off Day at Long Beach

  • Fireshow


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