Arrival and welcoming presentations, full training, village orientation, with lunch at a local restaurant, unpacking and getting settled, meeting the team followed by initiation into our turlte family.


Snorkel survey by kayak round to our seagrass feeding ground where you will spend the morning snorkelling, swimming and taking pictures with Perhentian’s turtles followed by an afternoon of data analysis - working out which turtles you have seen and entering into our database.


Take a morning walk to Alunan Resort to help our partner make and plant some "coral pots" - coral fragments attached to concrete pots - to form their artificial reef.

After lunch, enter the primary school in the village to learn about and get some hands-on with our Precious Plastic machine, a tool we use to recycle plastic waste, especially those from our projects and beach cleans. 

Relax in the evening with a traditional Malay dinner with a local family experiencing new dishes with the team and the community.


Snorkel tour around our famous snorkel spots around the islands, spotting beautiful coral, turtles, juvenile sharks and more!

After a dip in the ocean, depart for our nesting beach in the evening, Tiga Ruang ("Three Spaces"). Spend your first of three nights on this slice of paradise, whilst resting at our beach camp during the day and patrolling for nesting turtles during the nights. Just our simple presence deters poachers from the beach.


Sleep in a little in your hammock at Tiga Ruang after a night of patrolling the beach, collecting turtle biometrics, relocating turtle eggs and/or releasing hatchlings. Spend the day checking out the reef in front of our nesting beach, read a book while sunbathing, play some card or board games with the team, or take a walk and pick up some beach litter along the way. Who knows, you might see the regular family of Dusky Leaf Langurs too!


Yet another relaxing day at Tiga Ruang. Get on the things you wanted to do the day before but couldn't. Don't be afraid to talk to interested tourists - who knows, you might even help us receive some donations or prospective volunteers. As the day winds down, rest up and enjoy the sunset before the third and final night of patrolling the beach. 


Return back to the village for a well earned day off. Feel free to relax, explore the islands, go scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking or whatever you would like.

A fantastic opportunity to see what the Perhentian Islands have to offer!

Off to Tiga Ruang our nesting beach for the first night patrol of three! Staying at our beach camp, patrolling our nesting beach to deter poachers and protect our hatchery of nests. Hourly patrols of the beach, keeping an eye on nests that are close to hatching and working with the Department of Fisheries.


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