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Piqa graduated from    University of Malaysia Sabah with a  degree in  Marine Science, following her mother's footsteps in working with the environment. She hopes to protect sea turtles and all marine life in Perhentian  while empowering the local community. She spends her free time walking around the village and exploring the various dive sites that Perhentian has to offer. 

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PTP Piqa


Awe developed his interest on sea turtle during his internship with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch. He graduated from University of Malaysia Sarawak with a degree in Zoology before coming to Perhentian as PTP's research assistant with a hope to make a difference to the ecosystem and the environment. You will most likely find him snorkeling and free diving at Nemo Point.

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2023 TEAM

PTP charmaine


This is Charmaine, a part of the PTP team as a Project Coordinator Intern for the 2023 season. Charmaine is an Environmental Science graduate, she signed up for this internship because she enjoys being in the field instead of working a 9-5 office job. Being someone with huge interest in conservation work, she is eagerly looking forward to the experience and memories that she will gain with the team during her time here.

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PTP Kimberly


Kim is a statistics undergrad who is also interested in sustainability. Kim tries to be better at reducing waste and single-use plastics. Kim likes to participate in competitions that include SDGs to learn more about current issues. Although Kim lacks the marine science background, Kim is eager to gain knowledge and awareness about sea turtles

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This is Ana. She is part of the PTP team as a Project Coordinator intern for the 2023 season. She is 22 years old and plans to work in field conservation. She is very interested in working with sea turtles, and this is, in fact, her second experience working with them. Ana is passionate about learning everything there is to know about sea turtle conservation and hopes to share her knowledge to have a positive impact on the environment.

Currently, Ana is in her final semester of a Master's degree in Environmental Management at the University Paul Valery in France. Originally from Mexico, Ana hopes to implement all that she is learning during her internship back home

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Introducing Maria as one of the interns for the Perhentian Turtle Project for the year 2023. Maria is someone who is passionate about wildlife and children. Wanting a different experience than what city life has to offer, she has joined the project in hopes to bring a positive impact to the local community and sea turtle population. Maria is someone who loves the beach and hopes to educate herself to make sure that the future of beaches and marine life can be preserved for future generations.

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PTP Maria
turtle survey

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

- Helen Keller

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