#penyuwarrior is our Citizen Science Initiative where we encourage the public to join us in our efforts to study and conserve the Perhentian Islands' sea turtle population(s). 

Interested? Here are some of the ways you can be a #penyuwarrior!


Photographed a sea turtle while snorkeling or diving in the Perhentian Islands recently? Scroll down for more info on what to do, how, and why


Going on a trip to observe a sea turtle feeding, resting, or nesting soon? Or perhaps hoping you might stumble upon them doing at least one of the above? Scroll down for more info on how to watch sea turtles responsibly

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    Want to make an in-kind donation? Adopt a turtle or fulfill one of the items on our wish lists!

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    Switch to a reusable water bottle and let it be your new best friend. Stainless steel or glass are the best option!

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    Say 'NO' to single use plastic straws! 500 million straws are thrown away worldwide daily! Invest in a reusable straw.

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    B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bag). Take it everywhere with you: for groceries, shopping, getting take-away etc

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    B.Y.O.C (Bring Your Own Cup). Use this to your advantage, as most coffee shops give you a discount if you bring a reusable cup. 

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    Turtles are often caught as by-catch or entangled in fishing gear. Reduce these occurrences by eating less seafood or buy from sustainable sources.

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    Are you a smoker? Why not use old fashioned matches instead of a single use lighter? And remember to dispose your cigarette butts properly!

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    Brush with bamboo! When you next need a toothbrush, opt for biodegradable bamboo rather than plastic! 

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    Shop second-hand: put an end to fast fashion. Consider used clothes, furniture, decorations etc. You might even end up finding real treasures.

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    Say goodbye to Google! Install Ecosia as your new search engine – it plants trees while you search online. 

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    Do your best to shift towards a #zerowaste lifestyle - buy in bulk and compost your food waste!

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    Remember the five R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. 

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